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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  January 30, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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♪ ♪ ee-e-e-oh-mum-oh-weh ♪ ♪ hush my darling... ♪ ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. ♪ [snoring.] ♪ hush my darling... ♪ [snoring.] ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. ♪ [snoring.] take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. this is fox 5 local news at 10:00. at 10:00, a man gunned down inside a maryland gas station, we're live on the scene with the late breaking details on the search for the gunman. major developments tonight in the temporary travel ban. protests continue to swell. the
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stand. winter weather could impact the morning commute. everything you need to know before you head out the door on fox 5 news at 10:00. thanks for joining us. i'm shawn yancy >> i'm jim lokay in for tony perkins. some of you saw snow. isn't of you may be waking up to more of it >> standing by with a first look. hey, sue >> it took a long time to get the first inch at reagan national. tomorrow will not be as widespread. it's mainly northern communities that have to keep an eye on this fast moving system that you see pushing across ohio. it's primarily going to push across pennsylvania overnight but it could graze some of our northern communities and it's colder tonight so there's concern as this warm front moves through, even a small amount of snow in some oh of the counties that border the mason dixon line
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could get a little bit of a coating to create icy spots. we'll be in the 20. flurries possible mainly north of dc but it will be a quick hit. overnight but the national weather service is doing something new this year. this is not a weather weather advisory it's more of a better safe than sorry heads up that areas in this yellow color could see the possibility of slick spots. if we saw it would be a coating to something less than a half inch but i think the main communities that need to watch would be hagerstown, maybe up toward the frederick area. this would be in the overnight hour, coming up at 10:30 i'll show you hour by hour what the models are showing with the fast moving and minor system but a cold start to tuesday, that's for sure. >> thank you, sue. we want get breaking news now from the white house. in the last hour, president donald trump fired the acting attorney general sally yates after she directed attorneys not defend his executive order banning immigrants from seven
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suspending refugees for 120 days. he pointed yates after loretta lynch stepped down, she was supposed to stay on until the senate confirmed jeff sessions. president donald trump named the us attorney for the eastern district of virginia to now serve as acting attorney general until sessions is confirmed. meantime people nationwide continue gathering at airports nationwide to show their support for refuges and immigrants. this was the scene at dulles today. crews say several hundred people protested all afternoon. we have team coverage beginning with marina marraco live at the u.s. supreme court where another protest was held. marina? >> the fall-out continues in the district. we've seen protest since inauguration day but more so since the weekend since this extreme vetting was signed into effect. tonight here at the supreme court, but started just acros
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the way across the lawn here at the u.s. capitol. where we saw the democratic contingent walk over, demanding president donald trump reverse. chuck schumer as well as congressman nancy pillows si were rallying and led the charge, initially it started as a crowd of about a couple hundred and grew. couple belongs long. capitol police having to block the borders of the supreme court as well as the u.s. capitol to keep the crowd under control. it was a peaceful protest. it was refusal two hours here. the majority of them holding signs provided by the aclu. others with their own homemade posters. it was overwhelmingly clear the stance taken here was a very vocal disapproval of that executive order. the main chant no wall, no ban. >> it's a specific ban
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it's the first time in my lifetime i've seen a religious test to get into our country. that is a violation, a clear violation of our fence amendment principles. people fleeing the holocaust were turned away by this country and sent back to their death. contrary to we as americans in our generation came to believe >> we keep fighting. i'm not entirely sure but keep showing up and fighting >> i'm been through yemen, iran, iraq, egypt for the revolution, i know the people are not terrorists. they're really people, that we've destroyed the middle east, syria, iraq, we should let the people in we need more refugees, not less. >> reporter: president donald trump firing back at the democratic saying the democrats are delaying my cabinet
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they have nothing going but to obstruct now have an obama attorney general and making reference to short lived acting attorney general zale yates who said she would not defend the travel ban. and we've learned those words have ultimately cost her her job. outside the supreme court marina marraco fox 5 local news. meantime universities have students struggling, georgia washington university said at least 74 students here on visas are affected by the order. fox 5 sarah simmons is live with more and how the school is dealing with all of this. >> reporter: jim, we interviewed georgia washington university president tonight steven n a p p. he's telling us there's a lot they still don't know. it may be more than that 74 affiliated with the georgia washington university that may be impacted. they don't know right now. they're still in the prce
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trying to gather information and see who is indeed impacted by this. there's a lot of confusion surrounding this and we saw that this weekend. we saw it today at dulles airport everybody trying to get their arms around what is happening. the university said at least one student they've heard from was not allowed to board a plane in iran on his way to the u.s. there's still trying to get in contact with students to let them know they're here to help. they're warning students not to go abroad. of if they leave, they may not be able to come back. president napp feels very passionate about this. these students and scholars are not the ones the country should worry about. >> we're joining with other university and trying to advocate when recognition that the students come here are contributing to our society. that they are -- they're not the ones responsible for the kinds of thing we're trying to prevent and they have been very extensively vetted and interviewed, fingerprinted. gone through the huge proce
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enable them to be part of the university. i'd like to see recognition of that and maybe exemptions. >> reporter: this has been traumatic for many of the students and faculty that are involved. may not be able to get back in that have been going to school here, worrying about being able to come back and finish school. some may not be able to see their family come into the country for commencement or perhaps a family issue. so there's a lot of unknown right now. the university is also wanting to let students know anybody involved with this that they're also offering counseling. and legal advice to let them know what their rights are. so they're encouraging those students to reach out to the university for help. at the latest here at georgia washington university, sarah simmons fox 5 local news. prince george's county issued
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regarding the executive orders. none of our residents deserve to live in a climate where they fear for the security and safety of their families nor should they shoulder the impact of a local economy these executive orders are unnecessarily creating. i am calling on all prince georgians and marylanders to call upon president donald trump to rescind and overturn these executive orders. governor hoeing said he supports most of the action so far. developing in prince george's county. police searching for gunman who shot and killed a man us in district heights. lesley watts joins us with the latest. lindsay? >> reporter: just checked in with prince george's county police, and they say they still do not know if this was a random or targeted killing. they say it doesn't appear to have been a robbery and the victim was not a store employee. the gas station while quiet has returned back to normal. it is open tonight.
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like out here earlier. it was around 4:45 when the young man was killed. investigators say he looked to be a teenager or in his early 20's. also saying they're not ready to identify him yet. looking into the store wags quite a few evidence markers, there were a lot of police in and out over the course of the about four hours. police say there were witnesses they interviewed but they're still looking to speak to anyone who might know anything or might have seen anything today especially with so many unanswered questions. >> just due to how early it is in the investigation, we're not quite sure about if there was any type of relationship or what the motive was >> how about video surveillance? >> appears that the gas station could have video surveillance. i know that detectives are looking now to see whether or not those cameras were operational and see exactly. >> reporter: just as soon as we find out if there are any surveillance images of the suspect,
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released those. also haven't released any suspect description. they're keeping an eye on this area. that squad car has been stationed in this parking lot as the crews cleared scene. i've been looking through prince george's county police records and found out that in just the last three years, there have been at least six people shot either in or around this gas station here in district heights area. counting today at least four of those were homicides. if you have any information about tonight's crime, stay anonymous and contact police at 1866-411-tips. lindsay watts fox 5 local news. i had a favorite subject. it wasn't necessarily recess because i was really not the one, i liked to read on the playground. i was more of a social >> i understand. >> it is important to a lot of people. a virginia mom said hundreds of kids are a
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changed when it comes to recess and physical activity. she's on a mission to change that. her story is next. later on, a warning to gamers what the world health organization what playing vigs can do to your mental health. good news former president george hw bush was discharged after being treated for pneumonia for more than two weeks, barbara bush also hospitalized but released about a week ago. good news for both of them. we'll be right back.
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frustrated. >> fare increases and we have service cuts. that looks a lot like a death spiral to me and i'm concerned that we're not going to get back on track >> increasing fares and reducing service is counter intuitive if you would liked to rider ship grow making it safe, pleasant and affordable and riders will return >> metro is expected to approve the budget some time this spring s new at 10:00 a mother on a mission to extend recess in elementary schools across our area and she's starting with her own. believe it or not, schools have as little as 15 minutes for recess for young students, that's the bare minimum required by law. and they say it's not enough, tisha louis joins us with more on this. 15 minutes >> that's enough to put on your jacket and go outside and take off your jacket and come back inform something like that. this is the
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pressing school board members to extend recess, so far it has 400 signatures and counting. for children to have longer recesses at schools. >> mother on a mission to extend recess to at least 30 minutes at all elementary schools across prince george's county >> i would say 95% agree that we need to go back to what we were doing in the 60's and 70's and giving the kids recess after lunch and giving them enough time to be kids. >> my petition is for more recess and physical education for elementary school kids. started with my kindergartner when he was a kindergartner -- he started coming home with schools in his collars. he was, had developed a nervous habit of
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that there were holes all over them and i couldn't figure it out first. >> she says the nervous behavior was the first and took her a few years to figure it out. >> once i realized that people in fairfax county were getting three a week and 30 minutes recesses and i know other places in prince william's county have better p e than what we have i realized there was more we could be doing for our kids. >> blair more has three children, two attend elementary school right now, students have 15 minute recess daily, and one or two physical education classes weekly >> they're doing the bare map minimum at lake ridge now building a group of mom whose are interested in supporting the cause and we're going to be talking about what we're going to do >> a prince william's county said state law requires at least 150 minutes of physical activity a week and time can be split
10:19 pm
she says that's not enough but we found a parent who decrease, elijah barnes said it needs to be about classroom instruction >> kids need more education. of course kids want more recess. as far as the parents, 15 minutes should be long enough. barbara is charging head in her petition is gaining momentum and mention. the hash tag being used is more recess. barbara petition is to increase recess and pe, a similar petition for just more recess has nearly 2000 signatures. she said the next stop, town hall meeting next month. she want to study best practices and model schools with the best policies. tisha lewis fox 5 local news. we're going to stay on the schools in the
10:20 pm
mayor bowser kicking off education week, established a walk ability to preference, this would allow public charred schools to give priority admission to kids who live within a half mile of the school. >> we want to make it easier for every parent to choose the school that best fits their child's needs. so we're opening up charter schools to opt in walk ability preference apolicy that will continue to make it easier for more students to enroll in charter schools in walking distance of their homes, this optional preference will go into effect next year for the lottery beginning in 2018 school year. >> the plans other events this week highlighting how they're accelerating the pace of school reform a former prince george's county volunteer concession, accused of sexually exp
10:21 pm
the new details that surfaced in court next at 10:00. a memorial continues to go in front of a maryland restaurant where three workers lost their lives over the weekend of latest in that investigation next. fox 5 local news at 10:00.
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prince george's county school volunteer accused of sexually exploiting children plead guilty. deonte plead guilty to engaging in sex acts with children, some as young as nine. >> reporter: the plead guilty said deonte carraway recorded the children inside a band room and back room on two different wednesdays, january 6th, and 27th of last year. the document also says carraway had sex with and recorded other victims in the
10:25 pm
and bathrooms of residents from october of 2015 to february of 2016. there was no mention of any sexual abuse taking place in the glen arrested end community center where carraway gone to choir >> this is a horrendous awful case and involves despicable conduct. mr. carraway admitted in the plead guilty that he abused at least 12 children between the ages of nine and 14. heels charged in state court with abusing additional children approximately nine other -- between nine and 11 additional victims charged in the state case. those charges remain pending. >> reporter: prosecutors say questionnaire used cell phone messenger ap kick to send and receive videos and gave the children cell phones to record he themselves. we also learned today, carraway formed a club with the children. with the acronym aka, and told them if they wanted to join the club,
10:26 pm
them squally explicit photographs >> the top priority is to protect the victims and try to michlz any additional trauma to them so the consequence of this plea today is those children will not be required to testify in federal court. they can go on with their recoveries. >> reporter: the 23-year-old carraway was ultimately exposed when a relative of one child found a naked photograph that child on a cell phone and immediately contacted authorities. as the hearing ended fox 5 briefly spoke with a relative of one of the victims who said she was satisfied with what she she heard in the courtroom. ca questionnaire agreed to is in effect a life sentence. paul wagner fox 5 local news. small business owners are applauding president trump for the new executive order he signed today. another controversial move
10:27 pm
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the impact it could have next at t at this is fox 5 local news at 10:00. we're back with a look at top stories >> u.s. supreme court people prooth the president's executive order temporarily banning franklin seven countries. marina marraco was live with the latest on that. >> reporter: that's right, the fall-out continues and this was the scene a few hours ago outside of the supreme court. a few how to people lining the steps demanding president trump reverse this order. the rally led hours before president trump fired sally yates for refusing to defend the order in court. . right now, prince george's county police are searching for the gunman whoho
10:31 pm
young man inside this b p gas station. this is on the corner of what would's lane and pennsylvania avenue in district heights. it happened just before 5:00 p.m. police say it doesn't appear to have been a robbery and the victim was visiting the store, not an employee. and a public hearing in metro's proposed budget happens, the transit agency facing a 300 million dollar deficit trying to find ways to close the gap. metro's proposed budget will slightly raise fares on bus and rail service as well as parking. there could be are bus lines could be eliminated. we're keeping an eye on a fast moving snow with system that is currently working its way through ohio and going to make a run if some of those communities to the north of dc. doesn't look like a repeat of what happened this morning, where a lot got a coating oh two inches of snow. south of dc i wanted to show you one of our models and this model does not make it to white
10:32 pm
that would be all snow. this is a high resolution rapid refresh model for those of you who like to play along at home and know the models. this is trying to sneak light snow in around 2:00 in the morning especially north of dc, maybe even as far south as inside the beltway. just one model. lot of other models aren't showing that with one last little batch would come through around 7:00 in the morning and then out by 8:00, 9:00. by noon we're in the clear, it's cold enough tonight that any light snow we get could pick and produce a few slick spots here and there. much more in a few minutes. donald trump became second week in office by signing another executive order. this one affects small businesses. the detective aims to cut regulations for small business. it would require government agencies who want to enact a regulation to identify to other regulations they would eliminate. small business owners met with the president at the white house and applauded his
10:33 pm
>> the rules and regulations are actually question us small businesses in the healthcare field put in positions can't keep up with the regulations. >> the small business leaders say they appreciate having a president with a business background who understands their problems and concerns. president trump says he knows who he wants to fill the vacancy on the supreme court on twitter he announced his pick will be revealed tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. initially planned to announce on thursday. the front runners are judges william prior kneel gorsuch and thompson hardiman who has been an opening on the supreme court almost a year. key national security post has a lot of people raising eyebrows >> latest from the white house >> we saw president trump deliver a virtual blizzard of execut
10:34 pm
national security presidential memorandum that left critics cold. the structure of the national security council declaring his chief political. that includes the secretaries of state, treasury, defense, homeland security and the attorney general. it's an acknowledgement of bannon's waiting contribution as an advisory to the president. some democrats on capitol hill are calling for his dismissal. bernie sanders tweeted we need experienced people who will protect the country on the national security council, not an extreme right wing political operative. other questioned some language in the memorandum. specifically the line that reads, the director of national intelligence of the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff pertaining to the responsibility and experts to be discussed. suggestion? somehow key administration officials have b
10:35 pm
while bannon has been elevated. national security advisory said chairman of joint chiefs treat as after thought in cabinet level principles meeting? where is the cia cut out of everything. the white house officials call that hip patco increase. former boom advisories axelrod attended the meeting and it was the obama administration that removed the cia from the nfc in the first place >> i know there was a tweet yesterday from the former national security vendors that said who were the cia out of everything? i'd like to remind them that when the memo was drafted in 2009, i don't see the obama administration including the cia in there and as president trump that is including the cia not the former administration >> certainly reason to invite the chairman of the joint chief to a meeting that doesn't involve the military, although he's quick to point out th
10:36 pm
like the other top officials are certainly welcome to attend any time they choose. at the white house. fox news. canadian officials are stepping up patrols following an attack. a suspected gunman, 27-year-old alexander is charged with shooting and killing six people. five on her ours are in critical condition, dozen more were hurt. >> the people who commit these acts mean to test our revolve and weaken our values. they aim to divide us. >> we will not close our minds. we will open our hearts. >> police initially arrested two men, later said one of them is considered a suspect. a prime minister is calling the attack an act of terrorism.
10:37 pm
memorial forming outside of a blue sunday bar and grill. that is the scene where triple murder went down around 2:00 sunday morning. police say 40-year-old carli shot and killed three people. surveillance video helped identify the suspect. shooter worked as a bartender at the the restaurant. 46-year-old sherman morgan and ken schenn. what the community should know ultimately this was not random, it was a tragic example of workplace violence, ongoing conflict between members of the restaurant staff that resulted in again, what i can only describe as pointless violence. >> the suspected killer was found hours later near his home in silver spring with two self inflicted gunshot wounds. still recovering in the hospital. coming up, story that may creep you out a little bit. a dc elementary school dealing with rodents and
10:38 pm
what the school is doing to get rid of the opponents. if you can't make it through the day without playing video games and shawn tweeted a picture a couple days ago. >> of what? >> your son playing. your son plays video game >> yes. >> could you be suffering, if you like playing video games, from kind of a mental problem? >> what the world health -- >> what are you saying? >> what the world health organization wants to happen. en. . dow the biggest loss before the election. the other major index with the nasdaq and s & p 500 suffering their worst trading days of the year, bid of bad news. the company plans 6% of its work force because of falling sales and increased competition. if you're looking for love you might want to worry less about your looks and
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money. because a new survey shows four in ten americans say financial stability is the most important. greenbay wisconsin home of the packers the best city for football fans. scoring high marks for championship wins ticket prices and fan engagement. that's business i'm neil cavuto. to.
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rats? >> students at a dc elementary school back in class after school officials had
10:43 pm
opponents. parents at the elementary school in northeast say teaches notified them friday but the principal sent home a letter said opponent control was there trying to get rid of rodents. officials say they've hired professionals to treat the issues and clean the school, some parents say that is not enough >> how can you treat bed bugs in three days before they out? there's no way. the school should have been closed down a whole week treated from top to bottom. now the rodent issue should be treated in four weeks but this has been going on since last year. this is unacceptable. >> the principal said the school is also working with the health department on a comprehensive plan to get rid of all of the opponents new research about how playing video games are impact people >> you can't go a day without playing video games and this is just some kind of research. it suggests you may h
10:44 pm
kind of mental illness. according to the world health organization, impact of playing video games excessively could cause a quote gaming disorder if they want to add this new term at the latest edition of its international classification. experts are saying the research is not based playing video games but instead is a substance abuse data. it could lead to marketing and advertisering restrictions that would require large labels on video games warning of potential health risks. >> shawn was challenging me to pac man earlier >> i would have beat you. by the way, it's the founder of pac man >> that's why it came up >> we don't normally talk about it. >> pac man champ. >> building confidence can be as simple
10:45 pm
>> we're going to show you how an online retailer is helping to promote a positive body image you don't know younger girls and teens >> deadly flood waters religion vigiled an historic town, residents share survival stories and we'll take a look at the rebuilding effort. we'll be right back. ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. invest with confidence. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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a bobcat is apparently still on the run. the 25 pound bobcat named o l l y escaped. she was around 7:30 this morning, when they came back, a staff found one of the three bob cats was missing. starts have been searching for her ever since >> we discovered that an area of the mesh one of the kind of ropes that hold it together was, i think, severed but it didn't look like a deliberate act. one of the ropes broken which basically left an opening of
10:49 pm
six biggest and we believe that's the area that she got out >> the bobcat exhibit will remain closed until they find oldly, but if you happen to spot her give authorities a call that is not first time an animal escaped from the national zoo. few years ago this red panda named rusty went missing. he ended up in an adams morgan neighborhood and ended up in a neighborhood and the panda was eventually captured. hopefully the same thing will happen with olly >> i totally had a house cat that weighed close to 25 pounds. not of being obese. >> huge. well, i probably was overfeeding. >> there you go. >> there you go. you know it's always good to get thick for the winter connelled feel to >> sell it, sue, sell it. >> i got plenty.
10:50 pm
hey, did you see the snow today? >> yes, i did. >> had a little bit snow down to our south. prince frederick, you got about 1.8, fredericksberg, 1gs 8, about an inch in college park, 1.5 in bailey's cross roads. they got about eight inches in west virginia and love this picture. that we got earlier today on twitter. you. this is from morgan cody down in calvert county. it was sticking to everything and there were a few two-hour delays. here's the grand total so far from today. in addition to those heavier amounts that i mentioned. we finally got our first inch of snow at reagan. previously we had four 10ths and this is the latest we waited for our first inch since 2013. dulles three tinges, bwi a trac
10:51 pm
total of snowfall so far this winter. so february is beginning to look a little bit more active including the chance that we have a little bit of light snow that may pass to our north tonight. we talked about that at the beginning of the broadcast. more on that in a moment. clouds than sun expected tomorrow. but it will be a little bit warmer than it was today. although tonight is cold. that's part of the problem with any snow we get tonight. it will stick. mid week temperatures are going to be milder than we have been but the cold returns late in the week. so does another chance for snow. here are the next two days, tomorrow by afternoon, we should be able to get up to 48 degrees. a lot warmer than today was. flurries possible in the morning, best chance north of dc. 50 degrees on wednesday, mild day with a mix of clouds and sun, again, and this is what we're tracking for tonight be because this little system is going to pass mainly to our north but the southern edge of it could kind of scrape along our northern counties and that's why this clipper, which is passing to our north is something that we're watching because anything
10:52 pm
cold, it would stick, your sidewalk, your driveway, wanted to show we're colder at 10:00 than we were overnight last night. you would see sticking in westminster and hagerstown, we think that would be a coating to less than a half inch. tomorrow morning, check the road conditions and the weather forecast here at fox 5 before you leave for school or work. passing shower on wednesday, my gosh, wednesday is the first day of february be groundhog day thursday. jim and i will be practicing our groundhog carols all week. we got to watch sunday, there's a chance of a mix of rain or snow with the temperature of 36. that's your seven-day forecast. new tonight a retailer who made his money with an unlined fashion site giving back in a big way, helping young people in financial need who
10:53 pm
here in the district. he is the founder of u.s. pattern launch add charity called they believe in yourself project to promote positive body image among young girls and teens, also given the teens a dress they can wear, those dresses were given away at five boys and girls clubs across the city. >> what i wanted to is give young people confidence to believe in themselves, i think at a young age, the so important for young people to feel beautiful, believe in themselves and i know there's so much pressure, socially sob able to be in style and look a certain way. a lot of times, finances can get in the way of that. >> he's going to keep in touch with the girls and teens who came out to give them more clothes in the future. we're going to show you what was probably the absolute best tackle in yesterday's pro bowl. it's opening night at the super bowl in houston. meeting and
10:54 pm
this is the last time you're going to go see them friendly. we'll talk about that in sports next. xt. jp >> la la land was a box office hit. you can be a hit with dance moves from the movie. we'll show you how on good day dc.
10:55 pm
10:56 pm
10:57 pm
dc. tonight is super bowl opening night which is what they called media day. th
10:58 pm
bowl opening night. thank you, julio. >> the home for the festivities, this used to be a media only affair in the fans would pay 30 bucks a piece to watch this, about 10,000, 200 there, unprecedented. you saw the teams on stage shaking hands and it had all the excitement of men shaking hands. but as always, there's few characters in the crowd answering the question, why are you here? even the staunches of patriots fans have to feel sorry for julio jones. >> are you related to julio iglesias >> i am not. >> are you here for the right reasons >> i'm here for the right reasons? the right reasons? what do you mean the right reason >> to win the super bowl. >> of course. next question. >> there are actual reporters trying to get questions and you
10:59 pm
wake up and keep it tuned here to fox 5. seven and a half hours of pregame coverage starts at 11:00 a.m. kickoff at 6:30 pam patriots looking for super bowl five. falcons looking for their first. pro ball more about the side show than the game. if this happens during the super bowl, it would be a matter of national security. last night, a little more relaxed. a fan charges a field, sequel elliot -- there you have it. >> what in the world? that to me, was not as crazy as the super bowl stuff. no >> the news at 11:00 starts now. this is fox 5 local news at 11:00. right now at 11:00 we got our first inch of snow at reagan
11:00 pm
but is there a chance that isn't of you should see more for tuesday morning. i'll let you know what to expect. >> this travel ban backlash, more protests reaction from the active attorney general and what local colleges are telling students. >> a gas station murder an historic decision from the boy scouts and the zoo search for a missing bobcat. news starts now. let's talk about the winter weather. it could affect parts of the dc region. glad to have you with us at 11:00, i'm jim lokay >> i'm shawn yancy. you may see a dusting tomorrow morning and that can cause problem, let's get to sue for the latest. it doesn't look like it's going to be as big as what we saw today which ranged from a coating to couple inches. light snow chances we're watching are primarily for northern suburbs this time. which got the least amount of snow this morning. here's the system we're watching. it's a fast


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